Best Advertising – Affordable Advertising, Best Online Advertising –

Best Advertising – Affordable Advertising, Best Online Advertising –

In its 2010 study, we learned that Internet Marketing has replaced the old, traditional print (newspaper and phone book ) along with broadcast TV and radio , as the top ad medium of choice by business and consumer alike – and more cost-effective (Ad-ology), with direct mail a close second.  Now , within the top-ranked INTERNET, Ad-ology has broken down the internet by category, showing email marketing still leads the way, along with website development (SEO) and mobile marketing coming on strong. Coupon Country and feature these top marketing platforms at unbelievably low rates 1-888-422-6876.

According to Ad-ology’s survey, the top places where small businesses will put their marketing dollars in 2011 are e-mail marketing (72.7 percent in 2011 vs. 56.6 percent in 2010) and company website development (70.5 percent in 2011 vs. 57.7 percent in 2010).

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Best Advertising – Affordable Advertising, Best Online Advertising –

In a social media world, it’s nice to hear that small companies are putting energy into their websites and e-mails. After all, websites don’t build themselves. And as Tim Berry said in an earlier post on Small Biz Trends, “e-mail is the backbone of social media.”

Optimism and New Advertising

Additionally, the forever optimistic small-business community expects more sales this year (more than 56.2 percent). Simultaneously, they seem to see some relatively untapped, cost-effective digital options like online videos, as well as increased mobile advertising, as viable marketing options this year.

45 percent of businesses plan to use online video in their marketing in 2011, vs. 28.4 percent in 2010.

35.9 percent of small businesses surveyed plan to use mobile advertising in 2011, vs. 21.3 percent in 2010.

Only time will tell whether these goals come to pass, but since more days of 2011 are ahead of us than behind us, seeing what other small businesses plan to do can be a gift for the strategist. How will you market yourself in 2011

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Best Advertising – Affordable Advertising, Best Online Advertising –


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